Adam is an unmotivated person who is idly watching his life pass by. It’s only when his girlfriend leaves him for this very reason that he decides to turn his whole life around. He embarks upon “Project Adam” – an immense self improvement plan whereby he attempts to tap into the full potential of his mind, body and soul.
The project brings him into contact with the most unlikely people, each offering a different concept of living: a professional triathlete, an image consultant, a hypnotist, a world class memory expert, a humour trainer, a personality coach and a Zen Master, amongst others.
Actually, this project is quite simply about becoming happy. And the quest for happiness ultimately brings Adam closer and closer to his true self...
A kaleidoscopic film that interweaves documentary, fiction and animation.
A filmic kaleidoscope telling a story in a non-linear, multi-perspective stream of consciousness.
A comedy about the absurdity of our reality.
A film about the illusion of perfection, pressure to perform, self-realisation, and last but not least, a film about love.